Wall Street Trader

Simulation 1999 Windows Interplay Trade or management Business Politics

Stock market simulation with excellent interface

The game is a very exciting simulation with a trade management theme where you have to handle the investments in the stock exchange. Before going any further, let me tell you that this game involves basic level stock market dynamics and is not much complicated. So it's the one that new comers in this genre can easily manage but it does not mean that it lacks competitiveness. Despite the basic level, you will find a lot of complexities involved in it and the user interface is very good to make you understand how the game goes. The plot here is that a British Lord has hired you for the purpose of managing all his investments and investing the same in stock exchange to earn profits. The more you make him earn profit, the more money you earn and advance on in levels. The levels here are basically scenarios where you will be posed with different challenges and you have to make the best decisions to make a sound investment or profit. Some excellent movie clips have also been added in this game which has some very good graphics and a diversified gameplay. A similar game to this one is Wall Street Trader 2000 which also has some of its own features.

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