Prime Time

Simulation 1988 Dos First Row Software Publishing Business

Playing the TV industry

The TV simulator market isn't exactly one which is overburdened with games, with only the likes of Mad TV and its sequel Mad TV 2 sticking out in the memory. Prime Time is another such title to add to this short list so if you are after a bit of light-hearted fun that mixes business with the television industry, then at least now you have another title to choose from. This one isn't great to be honest but it does at least offer something a little unusual so for that reason alone, it's worth at least a brief look. The player basically takes on the duties of a high flying TV executive who gets to pick the schedules and turn the company into the number one rated channel on the air. This involves all the duties you might expect, from simply picking the shows (from a selection of over 150 regular ones and 15 specials), placing them in appropriate time slots to planning the advertising in order to bump up the revenue. It is in many ways similar to Mad TV in this respect, and shares the same slightly off-the-wall humour, with its bonkers characters and unusual shows to choose from. This is a welcome approach as otherwise it could turn have turned into an overly dry and dull experience instead of at least offering a bit of fun as it does. The visuals are fairly basic on the whole, with a lot of lists and suchlike to wade through, but the character portraits are at least a bit more personality-filled and provide the game with some limited eye candy. However, when you get down to it, planning schedules and similar activities turns out not to be that much fun, making this very much a niche game with a fairly small market and which is thus easily skipped over.

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