Simulation 1988 Dos Magic Bytes Business

Dated but fun financial sim

If you've ever fancied your chances on the stock market but don't want to run the risk of losing it all with one poor judgement, then this provides with quite a fun way of seeing if you've got what it takes, but which is entirely lacking in real financial risk. Given the game's age, it is understandably primitive and lacking any visual flair but when taken in the context of the time of its release, it still holds a certain charm. There is little to the game other than being a recreation of the stock market, with players required to pick their stocks, choosing to invest their money in the safe, long-term companies or risking it all in one smooth move. However, there also a few little extras to add some appeal, like the test you can take at the start to check your knowledge of the industry, although these are fairly restricted on the whole. For an eighties game, this is a pretty detailed simulation of what is a complicated matter and everything is represented in pretty accurate fashion. There's a decently extensive range of stocks to choose from, while there's also a good selection of real-world events and news stories which affect the way the market reacts and which impacts on your own decisions. If you're after a quirky little old-school stock market sim, you could do worse than check this out. It's not perfect, with a few strange translations and a few minor annoyances but these are easily overlooked thanks to the game's generally intuitive and easy-to-use interface and its solid financial model, which combine to make a fun take on a serious subject.

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