Simulation 2003 Windows 1C Company Shooter

Time to save the universe!

Nothing to do with the famous pilot who has lent his name to a number of flight sims, like Chuck Yeager's Air Combat, this is actually a top notch action game which mixes light sim elements with intense combat to make something a bit more like Thunderhawk. It's got a gripping storyline, impressive visuals and non-stop excitement so for a bit of blasting fun, this makes a great choice. The game takes place in the future and puts you in the flight leathers of tough pilot Magnus Tide, who finds himself down on his luck when he crashes his plane, loses his girlfriend and his job. However, he soon gets a new role as a freelancer, but the timing is a bit off as a galactic war with some vicious aliens is just kicking off. What follows is a light flight sim which is heavy on the combat, as you make your way through over twenty full-on missions which basically require you to blow the living daylights out of everything you see. There are a number of weapons to upgrade to and which improve your killing skills no end, while the whole thing is told via some pretty decent cutscenes. Yager really is quite the unexpected gem. It's not exactly complex so don't go in expecting typical flight sim complexity, but it gets the physics right and adds in some superb blasting. The visuals are lovely too, with lots of detail and some nice environments to enjoy, while the sound and cutscenes add a lot to the appeal. The controls are pretty easy to pick up and the challenge is pitched just right, so if you're looking for some thrills, you can't go wrong here.

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