Airfix Dogfire

Simulation 2000 Windows Crave Entertainment Design Tool Civil flight

Ride your air model through your bedroom!

I'm not quite sure if this is a game that puts you in control of mini air models or it just is one of those less then serious games that just wanted to explore the idea of shrunk aircrafts ridden through domestic inspired spaces! At any rate, I love the premise, it sure is refreshing, interesting, lovely and everything you might expect from it, given the premise. The graphics needed to be super cute to work and they sure are. The environments are very crisp (after all the game was released in 2000) and except for some snazzy particle effects, bloom and other additions (that most of the time just look unnatural rather than adding something of worth to a game!) that some of us either get rid of or are bothered by, the game looks as if it could have been released yesterday (review written towards the end of 2013!). And the gameplay itself is just amazing. The mini aircrafts behave naturally, a bit too soft maybe, but, well, I guess the developers had to strike a balance between playability and simulation (real world mini airships tend to be much more jittery and jerky when controlled). Anyway, if you have this fantasy to ‘drive' your airplane through your house, Airfix Dogfire offers you just that, and it sure does a great job at it. For a 4 wheeled, grounded counterpart try Re Volt otherwise, go for a nice Microsoft Flight title, if you want a game that is more bound to real world (and size) simulation.

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