Clyde's Adventure

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Moonlite Software Platformer Puzzle based

A solid, slightly repetitive game

Clyde's Adventure will be interesting enough if you are more about solving puzzles instead of killing baddies along the way. A pretty decent side scrolling adventure game, it's high points are very cool traps, puzzles and teleporters, as well as a huge amount of levels - 32 castles that will take you a long time go go through. The amount of enemies is very low - the game is mostly about picking up items, solving puzzles and advancing to the next level. The puzzles themselves are interesting enough, but it gets pretty repetitive 5 or more levels in the game. By then you will have seen most of the game and there are no more surprises for you to see. The game's mediocrity will be good enough for novice players that haven't seen all those similar games like Hocus or Dangerous Dave (which are mostly based on action) but veteran players probably won't stick around to see the very predictable end. The graphics and audio are both pretty solid for this time and age. If you want to check the game out you are most welcome, but don't expect much - you won't get much.

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