Moorhuhn Jagd

Action 1998 Windows Phenomedia Humorous

Fantastic looks, fun gameplay

Moorhuhn Jagd (now, that's a mouthful!) is a nice shooting game that has a very simple gameplay, which makes it so fun and addictive - great when you can just shut your brain off and leave everything to quick reflexes. The premise is simple - you are a hunter and have to shoot down as many flying chicken you can to score points. There are also other structures you can shoot at for more points. There is something that makes me giggle when I think about shooting down flying chicken xD The controls are mouse driven and very simple to perform, so there won't be much messing around. Just start the game and play! What I have to commend is the beautiful graphics and the scenery that surrounds the terrain you are playing in - it looks just like it came out of a photograph. There is something really stunning in a picture of a field with mountains in the background and a windmill in the side. The detail is amazing and I have no words to describe how good it all looks to me. Combine that will funny sound effects and flying chicken and you get yourself a very fun and addictive shooter game that will take away hours from your day. Oh, and try the game's sequel, Moorhuhn Jagd 2!

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