Moorhuhn Jagd 2

Action 2000 Windows Phenomedia Humorous

A promotional vertical shooter, but a really good one

Moorhuhn Jagd 2 will really impress you with the amount of detail and craft that was poured into it, for a free promotional game. To clarify, this is just the kind of game that you'd get in a cereal box. At any rate, so was the first game in the series, but this one didn't slow things down not a bit' therefore, what you get is a really competent shooter game, cartoony, well put together and also very diverse. Your goal will be to shoot as may chickens as possible. You will initially wield a hunting rifle, but later on in the game the game will offer you some other cool weapons as well. In terms of enemies, except the chicken there also other animals to aim at, frogs, and others. A cool addition that pimps up this sequel is the inclusion of a combo system, that will increase the number of points that you gain, which requires you to precisely shoot more than one enemy I a given space of time. Even more, the game makes use of backdrops that, while esthetical, are also part of the game, as they can hide enemies and also, create a very strong level in each new installment. So, if you like on rails shooters, say HotD types, you're more than likely to like this one too. Try it!

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