Moraff's Revenge

Adventure 1988 Dos Moraffware First person

Minimalist old-school RPG

Now this is an old-school classic, an RPG of truly retro proportions that doesn't rely on fancy graphics (because they didn't exist when it was made) but offers plenty of dungeon exploring, nasty killing, treasure collecting fun. Similar in style to the original Zelda games (but nowhere near as clever or puzzle filled) or any number of Dungeons and Dragons hack 'em ups, this minimalist adventure follows all the standards of the fantasy RPG dungeon crawler, even down to the player's choice of wizard or warrior at the start. This is about the only real decision to be made in the game, so don't don't expect any fancy modern moral choices or complex quests here, but it does of course affect whether you get to kill monsters with magic or with steel. Once you have made your choice, you'd be forgiven for wondering when exactly the game starts, as the graphics are so crude that it is rather hard to tell. Your adventuring progress is charted by a map on the screen's left, and a series of boxes on the right which in theory show you what's in front, to the left and right and behind you, but they all look the same to be honest. Every now and then a simple sprite will appear, and the game will inform you that you are being attacked by a Vampire Bat or Giant Killer Frog or somesuch nasty, so it's time to swing that sword or unleash a fireball. This is about as complex as the game gets, so if you are looking for a deep fantasy RPG with heaps of customisation, then Moraff's Revenge is best avoided. If however, you want to play a retro dungeon crawler that is mindlessly entertaining, then this is a fun experience. Oh, and the game's sly sense of humour ('Ha ha, you're dead') certainly makes it worth playing too.

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