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Intriguing fantasy sports game

If you're into alternate and violent sports sims like Blood Bowl or Speedball, then M.U.D.S. will be right up your alley. The game is like an even more brutal version of rugby but the twist here is that it is set in a fantasy universe, where the teams are made of various races. There is nice mix of action and management on display here, with players required to perform actions like finding a hotel for their team, buy and sell players at the slave market and heal injured players. Once you get to the pitch, you have options for your team's play-style, and can instruct them to be aggressive, defensive or tactical. The game itself is played five players per side and is viewed via an overhead, vertically scrolling perspective, and the main objective is simply to get a Flonk, a small flightless and stupid bird, into the endzone. However, if you can reduce your opponent's team below the minimum number, this also counts as a victory and many players will find this approach the most enjoyable. M.U.D.S. has all the makings of a classic sports sim, and once you get used to its whims, it gets pretty close. Unfortunately, starting the game can be quite frustrating due to the slow pace and less than intuitive controls, which makes things less action packed than you might expect. However, once you get used to things, you realise there is a greater degree of depth on display here, and the slower speed adds in some interesting tactical opportunities for more considered play. Visually, the game is quite dated, with in-game sprites that are quite small and lacking in detail and while the scrolling can be a tad jerky, it doesn't detract overly from things. If you fancy a sports sim which is a bit different, then this is worth checking out, but perseverance is required to get the most out of it.

Sport like tactical game

M.U.D.S. creates a game of its own making with its own rules and its own graphics. It does not try to recreate no real life sport, but it stylizes elements from a number of games in the real world, to achieve an interesting blend of action and real time tactical play. The arena in which the team based sport is played is reminiscent of ancient Greek mythological engravings and markings, and the game characters/units are fantasy recreations of the well known mythological creatures. So, how do you play, you will ask? The game plays as a blend of soccer/football, with a hint more physicality and you are tasked with entering a certain portion of the arena under certain conditions. While not complicated, it takes a few games to actually make sense of the rules. At any rate, if you find this blend to your liking, you are bound to spend some time with it, as it is sufficiently polished and the 2D engine does not look half bad either. So, in conclusion, if you like fantasy sports, and don't mind an ok though rather dated graphical presentation, M.U.D.S. will take up quite a bit of your time.

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