World Class Rugby: Five Nations

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A rugby fest of more than 16 nations!

The game occupies itself with the Wembley Rugby League of 1990, and it offers you a selection of 16 countries that were participating in that competition. The gameplay is action oriented, similar to your regular soccer game of the era but, for a rugby simulation, it sure is a stand apart one. What makes World Class Rugby: Five Nations so great is that it no longer looks great, but it also controls excellently. As the Sensible Soccer games, this one too simplifies the rule set of the real world game, and in doing that, it just focuses the gameplay to the actual important bits of the game. Also, it can be opted for a game to go on for up to 40 real time minutes, if you want to feel like you're really playing a real competition, or you can go for as small as 2 minute game session. The amount of flexibility, in terms of difficulty is also very high; there are 7 levels of difficulty and there are also other options to fiddle with, such as color of the field, of your team's shirts and more. Plus, as I said, it's highly playable and fun.

A simple rugby game

World Class Rugby: Five Nations is a sport simulation game developed by Dentons and published by Audiogenoic Software. Before the Madden series, there was this game, which mostly focused on rugby. This is a pretty simple but solid game, with only one mode of play, but can altered a bit by changing a few options. In this game, you can play as one of sixteen countries, customizing their gear, customizing in terms of changing the colors. You can also manage your team and create new strategies. You can also change some settings, some of these affect the gameplay or the rules of the game. Finally, you can pit your team against the others and score wins in order to win the Rugby World Cup.

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