Rugby World Cup 95

Sport 1994 Dos Dosbox Creative Assembly Rugby World competition

From a strategy giant, a great rugby game!

Rugby World Cup 95 is a 3D rugby sim, a game that benefits from the many advantages that Creative Assembly and Electronic Arts could muster to put into it. The game creates a very fast paced, true to life game simulator, which, given the relative rarity of these sims compared to soccer sims, is quite impressive. Also, the game has the squads of the '95 era, which might be interesting for historians of the sport. For me it was more or less important, but, I guess, the player balancing got the best of it, as the players are modeled after their real world counterparts. At any rate, for the era, Rugby World Cup 95 managed a more than sufficiently enticing job, a game that can still be played today and can still be fun to sink into. If you want to find another great title of Rugby, give Wembley Rugby League a go as well, as this one too manages a more than decent job and is very similar, gameplay wise. Anyway, both are great, worthy title, while the first one is just a hint better overall, controls and graphics wise.

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