Wembley Rugby League

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Old school game of rugby with 2D graphics

Wembley Rugby League is a top down action game of rugby, which plays really nicely, really fast and really well. It uses the classic rules of rugby, so you can either use this simulation to teach yourself the game or to better understand it when you see a TV match. The top down view shows you a good chunk of the playing field, as well as the entirety of your players on a minimap. The minimap is large enough so you do not have to squint to see what is going on. The controls are also well done, as you need no more than 3 buttons plus the directional keys to control the entirety of actions. Depending of whether you are in control of the ball or not, the game will trigger different options, mapped on the same buttons, and so the control scheme is much more economical and much easy to learn. I personally loved it, and have found it well balanced in its offering, so if you do not mind a 2D top down presentation and love a simulated game of rugby, Wembley Rugby League can be a really nice choice for you.

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