Campo's International Rugby

Sport 1993 Dos Domark Rugby

Actually worth playing rugby action game

Rugby, although a sport that is engaging, much more tactical and aggressive than soccer or football never really got people as interested in it as the other ball games did. That is a reason why it never really got as many simulation titles as the other sports, and many of the ones that were produced managed to neglect some portion of the game (some are hard to simulate, that is true, but then again...) or generally managed ways to just create unsatisfying experiences for some reason or other. At any rate, in its epoque and compared to similar soccer titles released in 93 or around that period, Campo's International Rugby is a rugby sim that is well worth trying; it looks as good as they got during that period, in 2D and without too many bells and whistles, it manages to be playable with a minimum of button presses or some other undesirable and badly implemented game portion minigames, and generally it's got that Sensible Soccer mentality of keeping things simple and enjoyable. Thus, if you're looking to source that definitive fun rugby game in 2D, this is it. Or maybe, you might want to try Rugby World Cup 95, a great game as well and one that is just a little more graphically advanced.

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