J.B. Harold In: Murder Club

Adventure 1986 Dos Riverhill Software Mystery First person

Be a fearless investigator and bring a criminal to justice!

J.B. Harold In: Murder Club is an investigative/murder mystery adventure game, produced as a classic adventure game, and which does a great job at including dialogue and dialogue options in the main game, though many other types of puzzles are included too. Graphically, the game looks a little bit bland, has that European cartoon style that was used a lot in press publications, and pulp fiction but, given the rather mature theme of the game, a murder mystery, the style doesn't feel outlandish, out of place, It might, however, feel a bit underworked, like the developers didn't really care much about the way the game looked. As gameplay goes, within the style of investigative adventure games, it never strays too much from the norm; you collect evidence, you talk to suspects, you collate evidence and so on. So, even if it might look a little dry, not the most original title you've ever played, it's still good enough. It's like a pulp Police Quest game with periodical inspired graphics and not as much depth, overall.

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