Myst 5: End of Ages

Adventure 2005 Windows Buka Entertainment Mystery First person

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A brilliant final chapter

Myst V: End of Ages is a 2005 point and click adventure game that represents the last episode of the Myst series. This final masterpiece brings us an easier interface, an innovative gameplay and a new thrilling mission: to resurrect the D'ni civilization. Your efforts will now replace Yeesha's implication, that was in vain. Esher is the new character that will assist you throughout the game, in your quests to solve puzzles, mainly, to explore the captivating environment to discover some pieces that complete a tablet. The game has three endings, depending on your choices and progress. The puzzles are logical, varying from simple to complex, and will take to a few worlds where you will lose yourself in the realistic details, into the alive environment elements, where characters emanate a unique expressiveness. Of course, the weather conditions won't miss, neither the effects, movements and a peculiar mystery. A special location and also, the most attractive of all worlds remains (from my point of view) the Noloben island, that has splendid graphics, with its beach, vegetation and fauna. I was also impressed by the sounds, the acting and the excellent mimics. Play this last chapter, to experience yourself the great adventure, and to be amazed by the work of the gifted developers!

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