L'affaire Morlov

Adventure 1995 Dos Titus Interactive Mystery First person

Spy thriller delivered full motion video style

In terms of story and plot L'affaire Morlov is more than an alright game, but, the way it is delivered, via FMVs, it's not going to impress you as much. Naturally, the game, interaction wise feels mostly like an over the top interactive DVD, which, for all intents and purposes might take you out of feeling inside the story. However, there are enough points where you get to make some decisions and where you are actually facing puzzles. Naturally, given the manner of delivery, those puzzles are not going to impress you too much, as they could only have been rather on the easy side, but, then again, at least they're workable. The quality of those movies/scenes is alright I would think, it sure looks a bit dated but that was to be expected. So, ultimately, the enjoyment you're going to be getting out of this game will mostly depend on your love or hate of the style of delivery. If you're okay with FLVs, you're going to be alright. Otherwise, a great thriller adventure with Sci Fi elements, this time, can also be Under a Steel Sky.

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