Myth: The Fallen Lords

Strategy 1997 Windows Bungie Studios Fantasy Real time Medieval

Stirring action and amazingly rendered

Myth: The Fallen Lords is a 1997 real-time strategy game that brings us a fantasy story. The player is challenged to apply his most efficient strategies and to examine precisely the situations he is into. You will play as archers, dwarves, and other creatures that will start immediately a war against the evil Lords. The 3D environment was amazingly rendered, and the developers from Bungie Studios did a very complex job in the graphics area. Some realistic elements will capture your attention: shadows, water reflections, various weather conditions, houses, buildings, nature objects, and many more that will make you swear you are in a movie or in some high quality cartoons. The moments when you will taste the victory will be extremely vivid and related with the true feelings, and the sounds in the battles will raise even more the excitement. You have to take into consideration the proper locations for some races you are playing, for a maximum efficiency. For example, when you play as the archers, the best place for defense is a bridges. Pay attention on the battlefield, because your enemies are also pretty clever when adopting strategies. They will hide your attacks, and they will launch an ambush when you less expect it. And there are plenty advantages when using the options given by some types of locations or terrains. You will surely enjoy this great RTS, the first game of the Myth series!

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