Myth II: Soulblighter

Strategy 1998 Windows Bungie Studios Organized forces Real time Medieval

A high quality RTS

In Myth II: Soulblighter, the producers from Bungie Software bring again the oppresive darkness and the dreadful forces that even nightmares can't invent. This game is an awesome real-time strategy whose action is based on your speed to perceive and analyze the occured problems, testing your strategy abilities. From the release of the first Myth, "The Fallen Lords", the worldwide RTS fans were very impressed by the high quality of this game, and this sequel also proved that it deserves all the attention. In fact, Myth 2 is even more successful that the original game, because it brings new and appealing features. There are added new levels in the single-player mode, ten new units, and new maps that will be very useful when you play the multiplayer mode. The missions are very tense, and the perturbed ambiance amplifies this feeling. The massacre contains the noise of screaming, of weapons that slaughter everything in their way, and the bloody traces. The environment is more alive and realistic, with the implemented visual effects: shadows, water reflections, weather conditions. Your way to approach the missions will affect the gameplay in a right or bad way. Be careful to skillfully organize your strategy and to use your unit depending on the type of objective! The interface is much better than the first game, having more options and commands that are useful to ease your work. Don't miss Myth II, because you will cherish it from the beginning!

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