NBA Jam Extreme

Sport 1996 Windows Acclaim Basketball

A great sports sequel

NBA Jam Extreme is the sequel to the intense and fun arcade basketball game released in 1994. The 3D engine is improved, and as the title says, the sports actions comes with an extreme atmosphere and controls in your way to victory! The range of moves is wider, giving the players the possibility to use various and many special dunks and other basketball gesture tactics. So, the excitement is now bigger for those that played the first game. The graphics look neat, more realistic but the biggest complaint is that this game runs slow when you choose to play at high levels of environment details. Before starting the basketball match, you will choose 2 players from the NBA teams, to engage in an intense and fun 2-on-2 game. The animations are excellent and they run very well in a continuous state, maintaining your attention and sense of sports action. The acrobatic dunks and flips are spectacular and absorbing to watch! The real excitement stays in the hidden characters, (which are in number of 60), and other hidden features like some teams, where real players are available. The sounds consist in particular and well-known effects heard at a basketball match, that show the players determination, energy and strong desire to win. Play it!

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