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Slick and fun basketball sim

Basketball is one of those sports which has seen a number of games on a variety of platforms, some successful, some not, but for anyone looking to try the genre for the first time in a retro fashion, then NBA Jam isn't a bad place to start. The game takes an arcade-style approach to the sport, eschewing management or story aspects in favour of simple, fast-paced on-court action that really recreates the excitement of the real-world sport. As you would expect, all the major players and teams from the period are represented, (including an unexpected appearance by Bill Clinton!), each with an expanded set of passes, dribbles and crazy dunks. Teams are lmiited to three players but stats are impressively detailed, with a number of attributes which affect how your team plays on the court and which reflect the real-world players' performances from the period. The game takes a fairly cartoony approach to its visuals, with large, slickly animated sprites that race around the screen at a suitably speedy pace. There is some rather bizarre music played over games, which initially feels out of place, but actually helps to create an intense atmosphere and which really cranks up the drama. For anyone after a simple, fun, fast sports sim, NBA Jam TE is a great choice. Although it lacks the depth and complexity of modern basketball games, it is filled to the brim with exciting sports action that captures the spirit of the game and provides plenty of entertainment and challenge thanks to its pretty advanced AI opponents.

Intense and fun arcade basketball

The game is a good updated version of the classic and famous arcade style basketball game which is known as NBA Jam Extreme. The game is very fun and has a lot of intensity as compared to any other arcade style basketball game. There is a good array of options which I have not found with many such games and has excited me the most. It gives you some updated roosters which is quite a common thin with many sports games. Here you have an elite team which comprises of 3 players and a rookie team which comprises of 5 players. You also have some unlockables to deal with and can also use the ability to play Mortal Kombat characters which is again very exciting and fun. Though it was originally released on Arcade but it later found its place on PC's and Home consoles. It also features the high demanded tournament Mode which you will surely love to play. The graphics have also been upgraded quite well and give you a clear grip over things. Overall it's an excellent update of NBA JAM and has made the game much more exciting and fun to play.

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