PC Basket 4

Sport 1996 Windows Dosbox Dinamic Multimedia Basketball

Hoops time

As you might expect from the title, this is the fourth installment in a long running and presumably popular basketball franchise that offers fans a decent, if unspectacular take on their favourite sport. This one is perhaps not quite as good as the original in the series, but most of the six game are pretty much the same to be honest, offering only minor tweaks on the gameplay, making it a less than necessary play if you are familiar with the other games. The game offers both managerial and action oriented gameplay and offers the usual array of options, including the ability to play as the owner or coach of any of the teams on offer, or just to pick up and play a simple game of hoops. The main additions to this update are an improved roster of teams, with 32 new ones and an extensive lineup of mid-nineties players, so if you are a fan of the period, you should find all your favourites here. The visuals too have been given an extra bit of shine and polish, while there are a few new moves to try out on the court too. Other changes are pretty minor and are likely only to be noticed by the truly eagle eyed. As a straightforward basketball sim that offers a change from NBA Jam, then this is perhaps worth a look. It offers a good range of options and the mix of on court action and managerial style should appeal to most kinds of player, with both elements implemented well enough. The visuals are fairly strong, with nicely animated sprites that move smoothly and swiftly while the computer puts up a strong challenge, thus making a solid and entertaining take on the sport.

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