Space Jam

Sport 1996 Windows Dosbox Acclaim Basketball Humorous

Fun fantasy basketball

It is a really fun sports game which involves basketball with a fantasy plot. The plot in the game is based on a cartoon movie of the same name. The plot is that the world of loony tunes has been attacked by the space aliens which are tiny. The fate of the universe is now to be decided through a basketball match in which the aliens will turn into giant monsters. The Looney tunes have the help of the legendary Michael Jordon who will help them out in defeating the aliens. You can also play as the aliens in the game where you will have two on two three on three combat on the court. The game also involves 5 different mini games and winning every mini game will enhance the ability and skills of your team characters. The game has a good dynamics in terms of the basketball action and you can make a lot of moves which you see in real life basketball. It also allows you to do a bit of action on the court. The graphics in the game are well defined and alluring and the characters have been modelled well. The controls are also quite perfecta and the game is overall fun. For more fun basketball, you can try College Slam.

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