Neophyte: Koplio Story

RPG 1998 Windows Alien Software Fantasy Anime

Almost as good as the FF early days series

Neophyte: Koplio Story is a cool freeware series, of Japanese style, console style RPGs; that means that graphically the game is Japanese like, with manga stylizations and such, also, the story is also very Japanese like, about an initiation/rites of passage, which in this game, is underwent by this little monk called Koplio, whom you'll in habit in the game. The gameplay is split between Zeldaesque top down exploration and FF turn based battles. The game is pretty much huge, relatively diverse, full of monsters and of other treacherous bits and pieces, thus allowing you to really sink into it. There are also some issues, mainly having to do with the grind based nature of the game that will take its toll on you, all things considered. So, yeah, play it if you like that tactical turn based role playing element of the early FF games and if you like Zelda style exploration. The game has a lot of both; just make sure you don't go crazy wild playing for hours on end, this game will fell better if you just play it in smaller chinks, it doesn't get old as fast.

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