Shadow of Power

RPG 1999 Windows Fantasy Anime

Zelda like RPG; lots of combat oriented action!

Shadow of Power is a top down, slightly isometric role playing game, whose main building blocks are reminiscent of Zelda. It's thus a top down game, a pretty immersive and well produced one, with lots of diverse enemies to take on! The story is a classic one; you are the mighty hero, looking to save the girl in dire straits. She gets abducted and it is your choice to go and try and find her and also rescue her. On the road, you'll have loads of enemies to tackle, but also a lot of puzzles to solve. Ultimately, on your way, you will get better and better equipment, found during your travels, in scattered chests around the world, or on the inventories of your fallen enemies. Of course, there are traders to buy and sell the things you don't need. It's also quite an easy RPG to get; your main actions are already preset on the keyboard; you press CTRL or your mouse attack button to use your sword or to cast the spell you've had mapped. Also, with Shadow of Power you get to pick your quests, but the secondary ones are fun as well, pointing you to caves on the map, with cool puzzles and traps. Really fun game, worth downloading, all the way!

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