Starfighter 3000

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox Acclaim Flight Futuristic

Fair enough not to get frustrated during missions

Starfighter 3000 is a flight simulator game set in the year 3037, being a remake that brings improved graphics, and not only. You will fly a ship named Predator Mark-IV, while trying to take out the opposition. The peace in the Universe is in trouble, and you, as a part of FedNet, are sent to attack all the enemy ships responsible for disturbing the space. You will defend yourself with lasers, death rays and multiple missiles, powerful enough to annihilate whoever tries to shoot you. The locations where you are sent to bring peace are planet surfaces, up in the sky or at higher attitudes. The other new elements this game brings are represented by the texture-mapped surfaces, more perceivable distances, a better artificial intelligence, a better controlling system, an easier piloting, and other improved and changed options. A particularly exciting feature allows you order your wingmen to fly in formation, to eliminate specific threats. You will be able to control new shipsm as soon as they become developed. The effects and the whole graphical area won't include a complete image of the war and exploration, so, you will most likely want to see more elements. The sounds are decent, the level of difficulty is fair enough not to get frustrated, and I that is why I will give this game a 4 out of 5 stars. Enjoy!

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