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Be a robot, be a flight ready fighter!

In Veritech: Variable Fighter Simulator you play either in mid air, as you would in a classic arcade styled flight game in third person, and then, at times you can play at the level of the Earth, by transforming into the walking/robotic phase of your Veritech robot. At any rate, both portion are well produced, they have easy to control builds, and more than anything both potions are well executed. Now, while the graphics are alright, they never get out of the edgy, even if okay area that the Flight Sim Toolkit allowed. Yep, you can build you own flight game that would be similar to this one using that engine, and so, there's no wonder that at times there are some limitations to the game, that kind of feel like the game is a bedroom coder's product. But, at any rate, Veritech: Variable Fighter Simulator stands tall and offers you a good amount of levels to go about in, and it is fun, no matter what. A similar game to this one, that I also think you should play if you like combos of flight and action at the level of the ground is Slipstream 5000, a cool, well executed game, all about futuristic racing, on all sort of tracks, some even taking you in mid air!

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