Slam Soccer 2006

Sport 2006 Windows Xenoage Soccer

Under rated but great football action

Not many soccer games have managed to make it big in the market and the same can be said about this one. But this one I believe is far under rated than the many out there. The soccer action in this game is what I call realistic because it allows you to be very conscious in what you do with the ball at the playground. The variety of the kicks and the curves that you can perform with the ball depending on the wind dynamics add lot of vigor to the gameplay and makes it a real fun and thrilling pursuit. There is a statistical database as well which gathers the figures and allows you to make decisions regarding the players selection with reference to their stats and skills. The game also offers a very good level editor which allows you to customize how your player looks and also enables you to change the camera angles and view the action from almost every corner. The graphics are amazing and so is the user interface. The controls are as smooth as it can get and I still do not know why this game is under rated. For club action soccer, try Club Football 2005

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