Arabian Nights

Action 2001 Windows 1C Company Oriental Mature Content Adventure Fantasy

5 wives are better than just one, it seems!

In Arabian Nights you play a sort of Prince of Persia character, looking, this time, to locate his next five wives. Not only that, but these women are quintuplet twins, and, more than that, they are the girls of the Sultan. Talk about pressure! However, while you're doing away with the setup, the gameplay is as clear cut and as action adventure spawn as you'd like it to be. You will get to do a lot of platforming, a lot of close quarters fighting and a lot of puzzle solving. All these in a world that is pretty well constructed, a 3D world, while you steer your player character from a third person perspective. So, ultimately, the game manages to create an environment that will remind you of Sands of Time, though to be fair, it never reaches that level of intricacy or beautiful design. Not to say though that Arabian Nights is not a worthy third person action adventure, it sure is, but it doesn't feel as ambitious as that one. Still, there are a lot of levels to go through, and the Arabian style elements will make you feel really great. Plus, five gorgeous future to be views expect you, so better go for it!

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