Strategy 1996 Dos Ocean World Wars

Tactics and action game, delivered arcade style!

Offensive doesn't bear some other more intricate and fussy name because, well, it was 1996 and you could still produce and sell a game without it requiring a long tail of a game! However, the game might also sport this name because of its inherent overbearing simplicity, because it doesn't ask of you to bear too much nonsense. Anyway, what it is gameplay wise is a strategy at a lower level, as you control your squad from a top down view. The beauty is that the game is delivered in an envelope that allows it some strategic higher level depth as well, as these action conflicts are the building blocks for a higher level type of strategy, one that really makes sense in the way it is delivered. But don't worry, the game knows how to tone all these elements down and to make them approachable, without the game being dumb or lackluster. That is because Offensive offers you the most enjoyable RISK like feel (at the lower tactical level I mentioned) while the graphics are detailed enough to still remind you that this is a wargame after all, but one that doesn't require you to sink hours into instruction manuals. So, definitely, if you love games such as Brotherhood of Steel or Cannon Fodder but crave a deeper nested strategic portion to such gameplay (without it all becoming an unattractive agglomeration of elements!) this is the game that does it in style.

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