Populous: The Promised Lands

Strategy 1989 Dos Bullfrog God game or micromanagement Building

Being an almighty God is hard!

Populous: The Promised Lands, is a standalone expansion of the infamous Populous series, the game that allowed you to take control over the lives, be them virtual of your community, and to shape them anyway you saw fit. You could be a badass god, and be tyrannical, unleash all sort of wanton disasters on your people, or you could be gentle and kind and win them over by making their lives easy and well balanced. But, whatever you choose to be, soon after the game began to be a bit boring. That's because your digital people could only display so many behavioral patterns and you could only create worlds only so diverse. Enter Populous: The Promised Lands, and all this changed, as the game included not only many game fixes but also a more dynamic set of options in regard to your interactions and the interactions and behaviors of your digital people. Also, the library of options, positive and negative as well, was amended, so that your games could be quite different from one session to another. So, if you want to be the God of a retro 8bit world, Populous: The Promised Lands allows you that and does it with style and diversity, so that it may keep you invested for hours on end.

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