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Cybertanks based strategy, tough but fair

Omega is a pretty sturdy strategy game, given that it came out in 89, when such games weren't really the norm. As such there are some issues, some inconsistencies here and there, some blockiness when it comes to the controls and some of the graphical elements and the mechanics themselves, but nevertheless, Omega makes up for these issues by somehow making them normal for the game, and what I mean is that the game is already focused on a setting that is bound to be blocky. Thus the graphical style looks just right within the envelope of the game, a futuristic, retro like conflict of futuristic tanks. You are right in the middle of the conflict, and you'll have to program your tanks for them to fight. That's right! It's not the average kind of game where you just go into and it's a click fest, this takes a different kind of approach. The cool thing is that you'll even learn a thing or two about the basics of programming (sequencing, and, if, or, clauses, etc.) doing it. All I can say is I wish I had access to a game like this growing up; it would have been an eye opener. I can't really say that I know of another similar experience, so you really got to give it a shot, retro lover or not. It's a one of a kind deal, but if you're more into it for the tank theme, you might find Robosport for Windows just as exciting a game, with its altogether different, more action oriented premise.

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