Herzog Zwei

Strategy 1989 Dos TechnoSoft Real time Science Fiction

Probably the first ever real time strategy ever created

Herzog Zwei is not the classic and adulated Dune game, but in retrospect, it might be the first game to showcase the entire list of gameplay features, sure enough, in their globular, infancy format, that will later on come to define a genre. There are units to control, there are buildings to build and to produce and there is harvesting of resources as well. The theme of the game is a WWI one, sure enough not too complex and not concerned with the realities of the real world conflict. On one portion of the screen you will see your units, on the other those of your opponent. There is no fog of war or more complex balancing of units, as you and your adversary both share the same units, only differently colored. The resources are depicted in a simple manner, in the upper portion of the screen as blue meters, and the tactical field never gets filled with too many units. And that is your infancy, first ever RTS, though SEGA did not envision it as such. Do not expect something like StarCraft, but be sure that this game, with its rather minimalist gameplay will still be a lot of fun today as well.

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