One Step Beyond

Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Red Rat Software Ltd Cartoon

Original, fun and addictive!

With funny cartoonish graphics, fun gameplay and unique charm, this game is sure to win you over in a heart beat. One Step Beyond, a sequel to the puzzle game Pushover, has everything a great puzzle game should have - addictiveness, fun and challenge. You control a small creature, and have to push around from various platforms that change every level, and the objective is to get to the end of the level any way you can. When you get to one platform, it reaches back and is now unreachable. Before getting to the finish line of the level, you have to mark certain platform, or the game is lost. Now, the problem is how to calculate and determine where to jump to reach safely to the end. It's easy in the beginning, but gets a lot harder and more complicated as you go. The controls are kinda weird when you first get introduced to the game, but you will soon get used to it. You have unlimited lives, and after each level you get a code that lets you start from that level the next time you play. The amount of levels are huge, so even the fiercest of puzzle lovers will have a long and hard time finishing the game in one set. As mentioned in the beginning, the graphics are very funny and visually appealing, all in very nice and colorful 2D. The game should be definitely commended because it is truly a breath of fresh air in a bundle of remakes, variations and copies of already familiar games and brings something truly unique and fun. Two thumbs up!

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