Berenstain Bears' Learning Essentials

Puzzle 1992 Dos Compton's Newmedia Education Cartoon

Preschool edutainment bundle with 3 activities

In Berenstain Bears' Learning Essentials there are three edutainment activities to delve into: you've got jigsaw puzzles, you've got coloring games and a music game. If you're familiar with Berenstain Bears, the cartoon characters, rather, if your child knows them, enjoying the bundle will probably come more naturally. However, that is not to say that Berenstain Bears' Learning Essentials is not a cool, colorful, cartoony edutainment. Nope, it's just that each of the three activities it contains don't have too many stages, and the ones they have, seem a little underwhelming, even for kindergarten children. The jigsaw puzzles, for instance, are all about putting together pictures with the Berenstain Bears in them, while the music suite, to its good, is a little more interesting, since it has genuine edutainment value, since it teaches you musical notes, values, and reading of music, at a beginner's and then intermediate level. The coloring puzzles are the least challenging, but alright, since they ask you to match the colors in the slots with colors in your palette. A better alternative to this bundle is The Playroom, far more enticing, more puzzles and puzzle variations and better executed.

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