Achtung Spitfire!

Simulation 1997 Windows Avalon Hill Flight World Wars Military flight

Air combat strategy set during the beginning of the WWII

Avalon Hill was a really good development company for strategy games and especially for tabletop games in the early and late 90s. Therefore, when this game was released in 1996, the company had already had the time to perfect its recipe of turn based strategy. A cool thing about this game is the aerial combat on which it focuses on. You will control all the elements that are linked to the strategy of a large fleet of planes and will have access to the technology of the French, British and Germans from back in the day. As the game plays, new technological breakthroughs are noticeable for all combatants, and you will be able to concoct new strategies and tactics depending on what you are offered and what you're dealing with in each different mission. The game simulates the events of the WWII up until 1943, but, nevertheless you are offered a big chunk of action and of different scenarios, so you will fill that you've exhausted all the lessons the game can teach. Graphics wise, the game looks great for a tabletop strategy and while it won't treat you with no out of this world photorealistic maps or plane models, you won't struggle to read the maps and distinguish between your different planes. So, give it a try if you're a top down turn based strategy lover, Achtung Spitfire is a good game.

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