Oxyd Extra

Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox Dongleware Reflex oriented

Ball and maze and brick puzzler!

The original Oxyd had exactly the same gameplay build as Oxyd Extra, but the later adds more game mazes, a whole lot more diverse gameplay and, to an extent, better graphics. It's definitely fun to play, it's well organized and well polished and, what it does great is offer you a brain teasing set of increasingly difficult puzzles, that will test your ability to think ahead of an action. You have to guide a ball to the exit, but you have bricks and other contraptions blocking your way. Being a ball, you can only push objects around (as long as they don't push into a wall, or into some other obstacle) and you can't pull them, but either way, you have a limited bunch of options as to how to go on, at the beginning, while the later levels are built to only have one way of being solved. It's a great puzzler, and the fact that you have to find the way to get to the exit as a ball, the mechanic like build of the game will definitely keep you entertained and relx you. And, surely, while this game is more diverse, Oxyd the first is also worth its salt so download that one as well.

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