Palace of Deceit: Dragon's Plight, The

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Epic Megagames First person

Historical curiosity that is best avoided

This game is worthy of being played for the simple fact that it is was created independently by someone who would later go on to become a key developer of the Unreal and Gears of War franchises. By itself though, the game is a fairly standard, if occasionally imaginative, point-and-click adventure that is only briefly diverting. The tale is a typically overblown fantasy story of characters and lands with wildly improbable name and is set in a world ruled by the usual villainous wizard. However, rather than a heavily-muscled hero, the player instead controls a dragon who has been imprisoned by this wizard as he seeks to rid the world of all draconians. The story follows this dragon as he escapes and starts his search for the legendary lost sword of the Great One, the only weapon which can bring an end to the wizard's plans and ensure safety for all dragon-kind. What follows is a point-and-click adventure that breaks from genre conventions slightly through its interface, which requires players to sweep their mouse across the screen as they search for areas on the screen which hold clues or objects to be interacted with, such as hidden switches which open passageways. While Palace of Deceit is certainly a historical curiosity, it unfortunately doesn't make for a particularly entertaining game. It is pretty basic in most aspects, from graphics to story to interface and while it is ambitious, it just doesn't pull it off, thanks to its trite story, weak puzzles and general lack of thrills. It's worth a look for the novelty factor but don't expect a great experience.

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