Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Cryo Interactive Mystery First person

Keep both eyes open and you will have only advantages

KGB is a 1992 adventure game developed by Cryo Interactive, where you play as Maksim Rukov, a soviet agent that has been transferred to department P. Your main objectives is to search for the corrupt KGB members, to bring them to their levels and to investigate a case of murder. You will face the consequences of the corruption that dominates your organization, and one of them is the hate that everyone else more or less will show towards you. The engine and interface of the game resembles the ones present on another Cryo's production. The investigation missions involve questioning people, and this process is done with the aid of a menu that has multiple choice answers. Also, you will have the chance to take a closeup to every person you are talkingyou're your attitude (nice or aggresive) will influence the way your people will respond, so the more polite you are the more information you will get. The missions require huge attention, as a minor mistake can screw up your missions. However, you can go back to the beginning of the chapters to repair the wrong things you have done. KGB creates a unique and fascinating atmosphere, that combines perfectly with the challenges you will face throughout the game. And I warn you, the game is difficult, because there are no clues that can help you when you need them most. Keep both eyes open!

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