Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Leisuresoft Cartoon First person

Might Scrooge be a kind soul after all?!

Scrooge has become a classic character, the very wealthy individual that, unfortunately, has a broken, cold hart inside himself! Also, to add insult to injury he's also one of those people that would rather lose a leg than give money away. And so, in this adventure, you will be tasked to see that Scrooge finally sets down from his pedestal of reason and solitude and that he gives some back on Christmas day, that he makes some people happy around there! And, boy, does this game, minimalist and kinda ugly, did something to me! It's a great story, and, while you, commercial prone and always consumer oriented lot might find some of its ideas dated, at heart it sure is a nice, maybe even heartwarming story! Yeah, it is a small game, sure, but nevertheless, it is a game that delivers immediately, and has a punch like no other! So, without question, try it out, you will be amazed with it, and if not, at least you will feel superior to this Scrooge character. Else see another kind of (uncle!) Scrooge, and play a game with Donald Duck at the helm!

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