Wizard Warz

RPG 1987 Dos Canvas Software Top down Fantasy

CGA top down RPG, minimalist yet lots of fun

Even if the graphical presentation can be said to be lackluster, Wizard Warz is a very entertaining role playing game, very action oriented. It's got that classic oldschool appeal that only these dusty olden games can still manage to elicit. Based on a similar story idea that was very popular in the Dungeons and Dragons style of RPG of the time, from this standpoint, not much originality has reached the game. But the story is the least important when compared to the action, where the game really shines and showcases its worth. Because, most of these battles are handled as if they were arena fights, only that they're done with wizards and magic. So, you can play in small installments, as you're not required to learn or remember the story. It's just semi random action events that are also made more interesting by their very minimal yet present strategic portion, that consists of choosing the right kind of spells and combining them in the best of ways. At any rate, unexpectedly meaty for a game this old. So try it, it's worth looking into it. And for an even more interesting blend of similar elements, download Magic and Mayhem.

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