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Graphically uninspired, but also meaty story and gameplay wise

Deathlord is a very early game that displays the ideas that would become known as JRPG; that means that there is a great number of side quests to choose from, but, also, that there are myriads of characters, myriads of combat styles and a lot of freedom and events as well as quests that are governed by randomness. However, that Japanese style is by no means present in here, graphically. So, to better explain how this game feels like, imagine one of the early Ultima games but think of it in the context of a JRPG, with all the threads and all the elements that this genre provides by default. The story and all the elements are however much more diverse than the ones that Ultima had, plus, the map is so much bigger than the one in Ultima. So, ultimately it is a better Ultima game, a much more interesting, much more produced game. Thus, if you love early days top down RPG you'll sure love this one. Sure, the minimalist, only so much different than ASCII, graphics might not do much to entertain your retinas, but heck, within the confines, this sure is a heck of a game! Play it!

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