Phantasie 3

RPG 1987 Dos Dosbox SSI Top down Fantasy

Good top down RPG, Rogue like but party based

It's the later 80s, when Rogue likes were king, and the party based RPGs didn't yet settle strongly, though there were quite a few games trying this recipe. The third in the Phantasie series manages a good show of the type of gameplay expected from the genre, no innovative ideas, no novel story, but a rather well rounded experience, one to eat out a few hours of your time. The graphics especially for this title are crisper than you'd think, with bright, clean colors, which make the playing top down field look ok, though, of course, you can't expect noting too fancy or too special from it. The game is thus a great example of its kind, and is highly playable, highly enjoyable and easy to dig into. So, if you'd like a blast from the past in the top down party based genre, and especially if you've played the older games in the series, the third manages to raise the standard just a iota, enough though to make this game stand out from the crowd. As mentioned, don't expect not to run into cliches, content that feels a little too common and other issues, but overall, for its time, the game is more than ok.

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