Alien Olympics

Sport 1994 Dos Dosbox Dark Technologies Humorous

A cute variation of the Olympic games

This quirky and humorous game is actually a nice modification of the standard Olympic games we see in the world every four year - only with cute, weird and adorable aliens (something like Caveman Ugh-lympics, only set in the alien world). We have alien caterpillars, jelly aliens and all kinds of other funny characters, each with their strengths and weaknesses, and they compete in 15 various Olympic events, only with other names. For instance, Toxicphilly is just archery. Your chosen character may be great in a certain sports discipline, but very bad in another (can a snail run?). The controls are very simple, and there is even an option of a hot-seat game, with you playing on the keyboard, and the other player playing on a joystick, or sharing the keyboard with you. The gameplay is very fun and cute, albeit not very original since you are actually playing the same sports, only with different characters and slightly modified gameplay. The graphics are very colorful and detailed, with beautiful art and nice and smooth animation. The game is very fun, and because of the humorous and cute characters and nice colors, it's going to be great for children as well as adults. Recommended!

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