Pandora's Box

Strategy 1999 Windows Microsoft Myth and legend

Beautiful images, very fun puzzles

Pandora's Box is a fun compilation of very beautiful puzzle games, made possible by Russian Alexei Pajitnov, the creator of the famous Tetris game. Most puzzles are just a variation of jigsaw puzzles, such as form a picture using picture pieces, but instead of a flat background, you do it on a 3 dimensional object, such as an giant egg or fish. But the main objective is to travel from town to town and solve a huge jigsaw picture of the city you're in (such as Honolulu, Hawaii), to complete the objective to capture the seven tricksters that have escaped the Pandora's Box. These puzzles may seem pretty typical, but the beautiful imagery and 3D design make this game look spectacular and much better to play, ultimately giving a lot more fun. Kids may even learn a thing or two, such as geography and 3D imagination, also myths and legends, all in a pretty fun way. If you like puzzle games (like Marble Drop) and are a jigsaw fanatic like myself, go on and get the game, you definitely won't be sorry.

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