Millennia: Altered Destinies

Strategy 1995 Windows Dosbox Gametek Galactic War Science Fiction Role Playing

When aliens abduct you, you have to save the Echelon!

While anal probing is one way for aliens to interact with us, abduction and subsequent uses are not out of the question, as this game here demonstrates! In Altered Destinies, the destiny of a human space shuttle captain (freighter, actually) is altered, consensually, and from a peace loving, pod sleeping destiny, it is turned into a conquering and good will enforcing one. You will, of course, play this captain's role, and be set free to do as you see fit, while your ultimate goal will be to conquer the race of the Microids. (Maybe Take 2 Interactive had some sort of beef with Microids, the adventure game company?!) All this will be handled via the alternate method of constructing a make shift empire, based on 4 planets and on four races. These races will evolve into a powerful army, and from there on its just sweet plain old strategy gaming, set so that you can finally fulfill your goal. Overall, an interesting take on strategy gaming, and one which is set in a pretty neat graphical setup. Whether you'll like it or not is a question of liking more diverse strategy games, as this sure doesn't play it by the regular rules of the trade. Worth a look, nonetheless.

The trip takes 6 months

Millenia altered destinies is a really neat strategy adventure game. I believe the story goes that you are a cargo ship captain on a long haul journey from some distant place to earth. Now while you are in stasis or something like that, you are plucked from normal time and given the task of saving the future of the galaxy from an insidious race called the micronoids. The only way you can accomplish this is to cultivate 4 separate races throughout thier histories to get to the technology level where they each contribute a unique special tech to your time ship so you can defeat the micronoids. You have 6 months to do this interesting enough. You must solve problems within each races timeline through an immortal representative for each race that you give orders to. It sounds easy but its quite tough, and sometimes the 'good' thing to do isnt always the best thing to do. A quite enjoyable game in my opinion.

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