PC Basket 6

Sport 1998 Windows Dinamic Multimedia Basketball Team management

Almost alright basketball sim/arcader combo!

Don't expect a hardcore simulation out of PC Basket 6 but instead install it when you want to try a more relaxing, less physically accurate, less game play accurate type of Basketball. Sure, the series has come a long way since its days as just another ugly looking 2D basketball arcader, but to be frank there isn't much optimism and much novelty to be had in this game neither. What you get instead is an ok simulation, with a lot of things to be left desired in terms of graphics, AI and strategies that can be employed. Yes some of the same era NBA games had kind of mastered a style of play that was both enjoyable but also competent physics and simulation wise, but this game couldn't really manage it. So, well, see how you like this game or just go for the similar era NBA game, you'll be much more rewarded. It's just that in spite of its success with older games in the franchise, the Dynamic Multimedia developers were still applying an adverse budget type mentality that added little value with each subsequent release. Unfortunate but truthful, PC Basket 6 is just too average and too uninspired; too budget a title to be worth going into wholeheartedly.

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