Pc Rally

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Great for a shareware racing game

PC Rally was a free release, a sort of puzzly kind of racer. You see your racer from above, and the road is full of perils: road blockages, oil stains, plus other vehicles hurling down your way. Therefore, instead of millimeter accuracy type mindset, what is asked of you is that you manage a sort of puzzly kind of gameplay, where you are more interested in not going over the obstacles or running into other vehicles. The problem is that you see a very small portion of the road ahead of you so you can't really get a better sense of what is going to come your way. This makes fast response from your part even more important, but, also, it is a question of keeping your eyes on the road, and, if you really want to master each track, learn how the tracks are set in advance. At any rate, PC Rally is a fun, if short lived racer/puzzler; graphically it's on the better side of early days DOS graphics, but it has a very NES era palette of colors, which I'm used to, but some might find it a bit too faded and unappealing. For a more thorough game of the same recipe, rather see the much later release Death Rally (2013) a retro top down racer, with stunning visual effects and a more modern theme.

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