Screamer Rally

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Fantastic controls for fun racing

Not many arcade style racing games are good enough to be addictive as this game is. Screamer Rally is not a top notch in this category but has some very good offerings. Starting with the gameplay, you have three different racing modes namely, time attack mode, arcade mode and the championship mode. The arcade mode in it basically a single race mode which is fun but is not that competitive. The time attack mode is obviously a tough one as you need to be very effective in your time for completeing differed laps. Similarly the championship mode put you in race with some tough riders in a diverse tournament. The game lacks in terms of the variety of cars and the tracks but it is the fantastic controls that make it great. I loved the controls because they have managed to achieve a great balance that makes controlling cars neither tough nor easy. You can take hard turns without losing much of the speed but you will have to master the controls for this purpose. The graphics are above average and the sounds of the car while racing is realistic and thrilling. Download Screamer Rally game and also let me suggest Xpand Rally that is on the same page.

Engines are screaming!

How many of you have played racing game at the arcade? Is there any racing game from the arcade worth mentioning? Or a PC game that delivers almost the same experience? Screamer Rally is one racing game that truly offers arcade standards of fun. While not on par with other racing games like NFS 2 or Colin McRae Rally 2, this game has a lot of things to keep you in from of the monitor and having fun. The games offers three mode of gameplay: arcade which is just a single race mode, time attack, a normal rally-type game and championship which the name suggests. The cars in the game control rather differently, but the overall experience is great. The car doesn't nor too slippery nor too hard to take corners. It's pure arcade style fun. Although there's not much variety of tracks and cars, the game doesn't bring boredom too soon. Only because of the great control, you would have a hard time leaving your computer. The AI is somewhat dumb, but it's not unfair, like in not making any mistakes at all. No, the AI in the game feels balanced, but sometimes they can cause trouble (like hitting from behind when taking a corner). The graphics are superb, mainly due to the fact that the attention to detail is extraordinary for a 1990's game. The engine sounds are really good and makes the game deserve the name it got, because the engine "scream" beautifully. In conclusion, anyone who wants to try out a game that would deliver arcade style fun and standards that only games from the arcade can offer, Screamer Rally must be in your game collection!

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