Boss Rally

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Poor driver that's lacking in excitement

While there is nothing wrong with the idea of an arcade racer, with plenty of excellent examples like Screamer and Colin McRae out there which are perfect for when you just want to drive at ridiculously high speeds. Unfortunately however, Boss Rally is one of the worst examples of the genre and in an overcrowded marketplace, its many faults mean that players spoilt for choice are likely to skip this one and look elsewhere. On paper, everything sounds pretty good: you have six courses to race on, and which can be reversed to make a total of 12, while there are nineteen other drivers on the track which makes for some hectic and busy races. You also have several different environmental conditions to enjoy, such as snow, rain, mud and night, while there are a handful of game modes, like championship, quick race and time attack to keep you entertained. Once you start playing though, it all starts to fall apart. There is admittedly a decent sense of speed and the tracks are quite varied but pretty much everything else is fatally flawed. The graphics are distinctly sub-par, lacking in detail or personality, while sound is equally unimpressive. While there's a reasonable selection of cars on display, they don't handle any differently while the upgrades like tyres and shocks also make little difference. The damage system is almost non-existent despite claims otherwise while the difficulty level is also incredibly high thanks to some poorly stacked odds and cheating AI opponents. There are other issues, but it should be sufficient to say that when it comes to writing a list of the best driving games, this won't be on it.

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